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Trylus énergétique offers a range of modalities to assist you on your unfolding path. Obstacles arise from many domains – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and are often interconnected across these domains. The Trylus approach is comprehensive and integral.


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Reconnective Healing®

In this “off-the-body,” non-touch, energy modality light and information from Above is directed to the client with the practitioner acting as a catalyst for the transmission. The energy reaches the client directly, not through the practitioner, and can result in remarkable changes that are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The practitioner makes no diagnosis and the determination of what will take place is made by the source of the energy. Sessions may be conducted in person or at a distance.



This much-misunderstood modality is a collaborative working together of practitioner and client that permits the client to access unconscious (subconscious) regions of the mind. Through this access, and with the practitioner’s guidance, troublesome behavioral issues can find resolution – especially those that have stubbornly refused to yield to all previous efforts to change them.


Regression to Cause

Behavioral issues are often resistant to change since they are linked to causes in the subconscious mind -- the part of the mind to which we have no direct, conscious access. Using the standard and well-proven technique of hypnotic regression, it is possible to uncover such causes and resolve them. Once this is accomplished, the desired behavioral change can then take place.


Past Life Regression (PLR)

Formerly considered exotic, this modality is now routinely used to access material buried in the client’s deeper consciousness – material relevant and helpful to the challenges of the current life. After experiencing this modality, the client often has a better understanding of configurations, relationships, and directions that repeatedly present themselves in the unfolding of the current life. Jack uses the unique and effective methodology of Dolores Cannon's "Quantum Healing Hypnosis" as his basis for this work.


Spiritual Counseling

Why are we here on Earth? What is my purpose? Who am I? Such questions are fundamental and key to a movement along the spiritual path. Guidance that doesn’t attempt to answer these questions but assists the client toward further exploration and discovery is the kind of assistance that is truly valuable.



Although in-person sessions are best, very productive sessions of hypnosis and EFT are regularly conducted with some clients using Skype. A reliable high-speed connection and good computer equipment are required. Sound and camera components must allow the client to be “hands-free” – not having to hold anything in the hands. Such sessions also require that the client’s environment be quiet and without interruptions. Skype preferences must be set to “auto-answer” in case the call is dropped.